Versailles Dental Clinic: Privacy and Policies

Confidentiality Commitment

At Versailles Dental Clinic, we respect the privacy of our clients and strictly adhere to legal obligations. Information collected through our website is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We do not engage in selling, sharing, or disclosing your information to third parties. However, in instances where legal authorities present a proper authorization, search warrant, or court order, we may be compelled to comply with the law and disclose the requested information.

Complaints Policy

Your health and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us at Versailles Dental Clinic. We strive to keep you well-informed about significant updates, exclusive offers, and to send timely reminders for your appointments through phone, text, email, or postal services. Should you prefer not to receive these communications, kindly inform us.

We take any complaints regarding our services very seriously to ensure an exceptional experience for every patient. Should you have a complaint, please submit it in writing using the complaint form available at our reception. Address your concerns clearly to the 'Versailles Dental Clinic Manager' for efficient handling. We guarantee an immediate written or email acknowledgment of your complaint and commit to resolving it swiftly, typically within a two-week timeframe. For detailed information on our complaints procedure and policy, please consult our reception team. Note that for complaints related to clinical care or charges, the issue will be acknowledged by our Management team and referred to the treating Dentist. In such instances, Versailles Dental Clinic serves solely as a mediator between the patient and the treating Dentist, without assuming liability on behalf of the Dentist.

Zero Tolerance Abuse Policy

Versailles Dental Clinic upholds a zero-tolerance stance on any form of abuse towards our Dentists and staff, including loud, disorderly, or drunken behavior, as well as persistent appointment no-shows and late cancellations after multiple warnings. We reserve the right to refuse treatment and admission under these circumstances.

Cookie Usage

Like most websites, Versailles Dental Clinic utilizes cookies and tracking pixels to enhance your browsing experience. These cookies store non-personal information like your preferences and browsing habits, helping our site recognize your device for a tailored user experience. Our cookies do not store sensitive personal information such as your name, contact details, or payment information. They simply facilitate site navigation and help track responses to our online marketing strategies. The data collected by our cookies is aggregated and remains anonymous, ensuring that your privacy is protected. Remember, cookies do not grant us access to your computer or any personal data beyond what you willingly share.

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