Clinical Expertise

Dr. Bichay excels in a wide array of advanced dental treatments, with a particular emphasis on Orthodontics for aesthetic smile enhancements and Periodontic health for optimal gum care. Her residency at Alexandria University has equipped her with substantial experience, having treated over 5,000 patients with personalized and effective dental solutions.


Patient Care Philosophy

Believing in the transformative power of dentistry, Dr. Bichay is committed to enhancing her patients' lives, not just through superior dental care but also by boosting their self-esteem and confidence. She advocates for a detailed and communicative approach, ensuring patients are fully informed and comfortable with their treatment plans.


Innovative Techniques

Dr. Bichay is at the forefront of dental technology, utilizing the latest advancements in orthodontic braces, clear aligners, and periodontal treatments. Her dedication to continuous learning allows her to offer the most current and minimally invasive treatment options to her patients.


Educational Contributions

A fervent believer in lifelong learning, Dr. Bichay actively pursues further education through professional trainings, seminars, and lectures both locally and internationally. This commitment not only enhances her practice but also contributes to the broader dental community through knowledge sharing.


Community Involvement

Dr. Bichay's passion extends beyond the clinic, as she engages in community initiatives aimed at improving oral health awareness and accessibility. Her ability to connect with children and pediatric patients highlights her gentle approach and dedication to fostering positive dental experiences from a young age.